Kalyna Ann Hibbs
March 2007
    Kaly is now six and has been in Kindergarten for almost three quarters.  She loves school and learning - which makes both Mom and Dad happy.  She’s continued her love of photography - as can be seen below.  She has discovered Tinkerbell and fairies - loving both.  In October 2006, she started playing with a local soccer club and will continue to play this Spring.  Her favorite things (right now at least) are reading, writing, and going swimming -- especially at the local water park.  
q“Recent Happenings”
 Kaly’s Journal
 Character Counts! Award
 Moody Gardens - Winter 2006
 Soccer - Fall 2006
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Kaly’s family:
  1.  Mommy
  2.  Daddy
  3.  Kaiden
Previous updates:
  1.  Sterling
  2.  Kellie
  3.  Avery
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 Gilmore Elementary School
 FFPS Soccer
 Nick Jr. games
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